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Creating Calligraphy Blog Tips

It’s been so long since I’ve last posted that I NEARLY FORGOT MY PASSWORD to this account. Judging by that alone, if you don’t scroll down to check when I last uploaded, you can probably tell how much attention this blog has gotten — the answer is very close to none at all. Despite a few email offers from several potential sponsorship opportunities (squee!!) I had to sadly reject them all because of my severe lack of experience/time, something which I deeply apologize for 😦

I feel like I say this in every single post but WHOA, school has been insane. Even after school has ended (which it did last Friday) I’ve still been swamped by math assignments and writing portfolio deadlines [yes I have to write at least 5 noteworthy prose pieces by January next year and finish about half a year’s worth of math :)))))))] but I finally plopped myself down in my chair and forced myself to write this post. Inspiration has been super dry on me lately, which is also why writing has been even harder. Despite the fact that I’m a budding author (that’s the title I like to call myself), I can’t find any words to express how sorry I am that I haven’t posted in four, almost five months?! I say this in every post I upload but I am so sorry for this massive delay. I promise, now that I actually have time to breathe, I’ll try my best to write more posts. WHEW. What a year it has been.

Before you get too bored reading this overly long apology, I’m going to hurry up and move onto the actual post and move the update aside. Thank you for sticking with me. You are amazing. 😀

Recently, I started a brush lettering/calligraphy page. It’s been up for a while, being deactivated several times, but I’ve been running it for a bit. And while I can’t say I have loads of experience in this area, here are some tips I personally feel help you to gain followers and make your page look more aesthetically appealing!

Tip One: Good lighting needs to be your best friend!

I’m guilty of taking photos at night and then having to bump the exposure up so high I can’t see it anymore, which results in a very washed out photo where you can’t see the colours and words properly. To avoid this, here are two sub-tips (sub-tips?) that I can give you: one, take pictures in the daytime, for best natural lighting (which does much better than flash) and two, use editing apps to enhance the quality of your picture. Here’s an example below. I use the app Snapseed, which has been more helpful than any app I’ve used so far, and here’s why!

Before editing. Even in natural light, the lighting in this photo is pretty bad (probably because my house has terrible lighting). Overall, it's pretty gray and sad.

Before editing. Even in natural light, the lighting in this photo is pretty bad (probably because my house has terrible lighting). Overall, it’s pretty gray and sad.

After editing! I simply bumped up the highlight (NOT exposure) and a little bit of extra saturation. :)

After editing! I simply bumped up the highlight (NOT exposure) and a little bit of extra saturation. 🙂

In case you’re not familiar with Snapseed, here is a mini tutorial on how I made my picture brighter!

Snapseed Screen




And you’re done! Snapseed is a really great app for editing photos. You can even smoothen wrinkles in your paper with it (which is what I’ve done for countless photos hehehe).

Tip Two: Change it up!

From my experience, even though minimalist aesthetics are all the rage right now, I’ve found that blogs/pages with different arrays of colours in their lettering pieces fare better than those with simply black-and-white only. I’m definitely not discriminating against these black-and-white blogs, because I LOVE minimalist feeds too, but a pop of colour is sure to brighten your blog and attract more followers 🙂 Like a flatlay, you can also add several little trinkets to your piece when you take a photo to brighten it up! For example, I’ve seen several calligraphers (is that word…?) add little flowers to a bright and spring-inspired piece, or lay the piece of card/paper amidst brushes and watercolour paints to give an artsy impression. Really, it’s your page. Go with the flow and do whatever you’d like! 🙂

BrushLetterings Feed

Here’s a picture of what my feed currently looks like! As you can see, when I first started I was ALL about that black-and-white look; but recently I’ve been trying to inject more colour into my feed (and blue seems to be the dominant colour, oops). Also, shameless self promo alert, follow my calligraphy account @brushletterings on Instagram 😉

Tip Three: It’s yours to own.

Individuality is something I love to see in different blogs, and it fascinates me when I see so many calligraphers (again, is that a word??) having their own little way of writing their words and shaping their letters. Some have adorable, cute bouncy letters, while others have swooping strokes and fancy flourishes. Your page is solely yours, so let your style shine through and set yourself apart from other pages! After all, one single style is boring, especially if it’s a common one. Just mess around with what you feel suits you, and if you’re still a newbie to this whole calligraphy business, you can read my post here about calligraphy 101 for beginners!

Tip Four: Have fun with what you do!

The last thing you want to do is get stressed over your blog. Like I’ve been repeatedly saying, have fun with what you do and just wing it! If you feel swooping your ‘g’ downstroke in a particular fashion looks good, or if holding your notepad up to a window makes the picture a thousand times better, do that! Whatever you do, just remember to have fun and own it.

That’s all I’ve got for today, and I promise I’ll try my hardest to get a new post up asap! I unfortunately guarantee one by next week because I’m busy the whole first week of November, but I hope to have one up before the third week — here’s hoping I can do that!

❤ Hannah



2 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Calligraphy Blog

  1. roxanne says:

    HAHAH ohmygod hannah shut up about me being aesthetic man i’m crying over how insanely good your calligraphy is!! also i’ve missed your posts so much omg so pls stick it out & come back to the blogging world! heh :>

    xx, roxanne


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