6 Tips on Dealing with Writer’s Block + Clearing Your Mind + FREE Printable!

Guide To Writer's Block

How many times have you sat down to write something — say, an essay for school, a blog post you’ve been meaning to publish, or even a short story that you want to update — but when you place your fingers on top of the keys, nothing happens? Too many times have I experienced the frustration that is writer’s block, where I can sit in front of my laptop for an hour and walk out of my room with nothing in my document. As someone who grew up loving writing stories, I’ve gathered a few tips over the years on how I manage writer’s block, and today I’m going to be sharing them with you in the hopes that you’ll benefit from them! 😀

Tip One: Clear Your Surroundings (and your mind, too!)

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel super annoyed when my surroundings are messy. It could be my desk or my workspace — whatever the case is, if my environment is messy, so is my mind. I can’t gather my thoughts properly, especially if I keep seeing a pile of miscellaneous paper by my feet every time I look down. That’s where my first tip comes into play: clear your environment. Working on a blog post at a coffee shop? Sort out the table — perhaps your pencil case might have its contents strewn about on the table while your earphones sit in a tangly mess at the bottom of your backpack. Typing out an essay for school in your room? Maybe sorting through the clothes strewn on your floor might help. Clearing your surroundings also doesn’t just include your physical environment — this could refer to other aspects of your environment. For example, renaming or deleting files might make your desktop cleaner (and help your computer to run faster as well!), subsequently making your screen less cluttered and hopefully making inspiration a tad less elusive.

Tip Two: Take Time To Smell The Roses

Getting caught up in the busy hustle and bustle of life is pretty easy these days, especially when we live in such a fast-paced society. If you find that your thoughts are zipping around like frenzied bees, perhaps you need a break to clear your head. Go outside and surround yourself with the outdoors — personally, sitting on a bench in the park while listening to the birds chirp is my ideal location. Nature might also be inspiring to you. Take a walk to clear your head and just enjoy looking at what you see, no strings attached. Listening to a nature sounds-based soundtrack might help, too, if you’re unable to head outdoors. My go-to playlist is the ‘Nature Noise’ playlist on Spotify, which includes a whole compilation of nature sounds like campfire crackles and rainforest sounds. Give it a go!

Nature Photography Collage

Here’s a tiny collage of some photos I took! Along with having a breath of fresh air, you can have a little nature photography session 🙂


You can find this under the 'Sleep' category, within the 'Browse' tab.

You can find this under the ‘Sleep’ category, within the ‘Browse’ tab.

Tip Three: Organize and Prioritize

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know this — I am the hugest fan of lists. There’s just something so strangely therapeutic about writing things in order that helps me. On a bad day, when I’m completely unfocused and frustrated, I find that simply taking five minutes to grab a piece of paper to write down my tasks helps to sort what I need to do in proper order. This might also help if you have too many ideas jammed together in your head — simply taking a few minutes to type them out in your computer or writing them down in a notebook might help you to single them out in order to further elaborate on the subject. Whatever the case is, I personally believe that organizing your thoughts is the best way to quickly gain inspiration 🙂

Tip Four: Surround yourself with related topics

As I mentioned in the post above, I believe that clearing your head is the best way to get inspiration — but what’s the second best? Personally, reading other people’s works helps me to think of ideas and build on them. For example, if you’re in desperate need of ideas for an essay you have to submit soon, Googling your topic and reading up on that might help you. Or if you need to write a blog post, searching for ideas on the same subject might spark a sudden chain of ideas. One thing you might need to be careful of, however, is writing about a subject that strays too close to the other articles you’ve read about. In worst-case scenarios, you might be accused of copying/plagiarism, which is something you want to avoid at all costs, so make sure you use these for inspiration and not as your main idea!

Tip Five: Draw up some mindmaps

Using these to help me think of ideas for essays/blog posts helps more than I thought it would. Mindmaps really help to branch out in terms of ideas. If you can only think of one topic, some good questions to ask yourself might be, “How can I make this idea more detailed?” or, if you’re writing a blog post that deals with how-to’s, a helpful question might be “What are some tips I use in real life to help me solve this problem?” or “How many ways can I find to tackle this issue?”

Tip Six: Have a jam-out session

There are of course days where your mind is simply stuck and refuses to generate anything no matter how hard you push yourself. This is completely natural, especially if you’ve written a lot recently — you might be suffering from a burnout of ideas. In cases like these, simply taking a break and listening to some good music is likely to help you to relax. Do what makes you feel happy — that might include reading a good book, scrapbooking, scrolling through social media — just remember that your mind needs to take a break sometimes.

And if you find those six tips too wordy, I’ve included a summarized version of them in the printable linked below! Simply click HERE to download it! Lastly, because I’m still a noob with computer design, I must thank the website linked here for their pretty geometric background design, designed by Starline 🙂 If you find the printable too large/too wordy to, well, print, you’re also welcome to save it for future reference, or print it on a smaller piece of paper as needed.

Whew, that’s all for today! This was quite a wordy post, which I hope you don’t mind! I’ll sign off here for now and hopefully will see you soon!!

<3, hannah



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