Italy: A Visual Logbook

italy: travel visual log

Y’all have no idea how excited I am to have this post to go live. AHHHHHH I’m so happy!!

You might, however, be asking why on earth I’m so excited — and here’s a little backstory to keep you up to speed. A while ago I left for Italy, and I just got back a couple of days ago. Italy has beautiful, beautiful scenery (and that’s also how I used up five gigabytes of space on my phone) and so I now have a whole barrage of photos. Originally, I planned for a post just chock-full of these photos, each with a tiny caption — but that would be terribly boring, not to mention insanely long and tedious to write. Plus, staring at just photos isn’t the most exciting thing, and I wanted a way to upload my travel diary/logbook in a more interesting way.

As I was mulling this over, I suddenly recalled Roxanne’s post about her adventures in Japan, and I realized, “Hey, why not try something like that?” (Roxanne I’m so sorry I keep tagging you in these things — your content is just so aesthetic aHH)

Putting together the collage was slightly beyond my comfort zone, as it was pretty tedious and tough. Because I don’t know how to use and don’t have Photoshop, or fancy software like a drawing tablet, I had to find alternatives to put together my photos. Thankfully the App Store offers less-advanced versions of Sketchbook, Photoshop, and my favorite masking app Superimpose, and thus I set my mind to getting this done. I’m very happy to say that I managed to create four collages that I’m immensely proud of (and also inspired by Roxanne from The Magical Canopy. Her blog is to die for aHH). For now, I’ll stop rambling and just let you scroll down to see what I’m so happily talking about. 🙂

Crushing Blue // This was the first collage I made! Cinque Terre was one of the places I went to, a tiny town overlooking the sea, and of course I couldn't help spamming my phone with tons and tons of sea pictures. :)

Crushing Blue // This was the first collage I made! Cinque Terre was one of the places I went to, a tiny town overlooking the sea, and of course I couldn’t help spamming my phone with tons and tons of sea pictures. 🙂 Sketchbook kind of killed the quality — I promise my focus button was working — but I love the blue in here. It’s so cozy.


Caramel // I tried using more warm-toned photos/photos with warmer elements in them, Honestly, this is one of the collages that I’m not as happy with as all the colours don’t exactly meld super nicely together, but the result turned out better than I expected nonetheless. (Also, my hand in the bottom middle photo is not photoshopped, I promise.) I also attempted to add more flourishes in this collage and little dots and doodles and things.

Highway //

Highway // The reason behind the name of this being ‘highway’ is extremely odd. At first I couldn’t think of a title, but then I saw the picture of the stone pathway, and started thinking, “What else can you walk on?” That question then expanded to, “What else can you travel on?” and that’s how I ended up with ‘highway’. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to feel about the cacti in the bottom right corner — on one hand I feel they sort of ruin the dreamy, soft colours, but they also add a nice pop of colour.

Ethereal //

Ethereal // I struggled for the longest time on a name for this. This is a miscellanous collage, as most of my pictures had blue elements in them (e.g: sky, clouds) but I didn’t have enough space for them in ‘Crushing Blue’. I decided to use green as the main colour, however, because I wanted this collage to be slightly more nature-themed. Initially I wanted to name this ‘matcha’, but I felt it just didn’t fit properly…and that’s how ‘ethereal’ was born. Because why not?  😉

That’s pretty much all the collages I have…I spent almost three to four hours working on these but I love them nonetheless. It just reinforced my opinion that the less resources you have, the more creative you are forced to be. I really don’t have any fancy equipment — heck, the stylus I used to write was a DIY one made out of a cotton bud and some aluminium foil. It just goes to show: you don’t need expensive software to create! 🙂

Visiting Italy was absolutely surreal. I ate so much pizza and pasta, I don’t want to see any more until next year (which, incidentally, isn’t too far away) and gelato became such a common sight I ate it almost everyday. The weather was beautiful and I even went to Venice, taking a gondola ride there! I also visited the Colosseum, the ever-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and countless cathedrals that had such intricate designs on the ceilings and walls.

My favourite place, however, was Cinque Terre — as I mentioned above, a quaint, little town overlooking the sea. It’s a gorgeous vantage point and such a picteresque area to just relax and snap a few pictures for Instagram. If there’s one thing I found unusual, it’s the fact that the locals (who are also very friendly) walk their dogs everywhere. I saw saw many in supermarkets, shopping centres, cafes — there was even one on the train! However, most owners don’t mind you cooing at their pets and some will even let you pet them (which I very much wanted to take advantage of). All in all, Italy was absolutely beautiful, and I’d definitely want to go back again. 🙂

That’s all for today’s rather short post! I’m just glad to be uploading early, because I initially planned to upload this next week since I’m going to camp tomorrow and won’t be back for a while, but I managed to get it together and upload this post today! (And finish the collages as well, yay!) See you guys real soon 😀

<3, hannah


2 thoughts on “Italy: A Visual Logbook

  1. roxanne says:

    apparently i read this but forgot to reply. smh, roxanne. LOL
    anyway i really adore this so much, not even kidding rn!! & thank you for mentioning me AGAIN ?!! i appreciate it soo freaking much & i’m extremely happy that you feel inspired by my posts :>

    xx, roxanne


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